Get your DREAM by doing DREAM


This posting make me remember my quote, I had a dream, which was not all a dream. So, let’s read this posting and make your dreams come true.

Everything is POSSIBLE, trust me 🙂


I just read my friend’s bbm status. The status inspired me to start doing DREAM tips to get my DREAM. These are the tips ;

1) Dedication

The simple meaning of dedication is what you do when nobody is watching. You dont need to show all of your masterpiece so that everybody know your work. The important one you need is only God’s blessing due to your dedication.

2) Responsibility

Responsibility is to be accountable for your actions. If you have done your best and followed the right method, whatever the result you dont need to worry, just explain your step for finishing your work.

3) Education

Education is not only from formal organization. Even you have to understand by dealing with other means educating yourself also. Try to learn everytime and everywhere to expand your horizon, paradigm and knowledge.

4) Attitude

Although you are super genius man in the world but worst in term of your attitude…

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