Olympiad class is one of the special classes in Senior High School 3 Semarang. This class that established since four years ago has specialized to face Olympiad competitions, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, ICT, and Economics. To maximize the screening of the potential students in Olympiad Class, there are several selection processes which must be followed. Those who have been accepted to be the students of Senior High School 3 Semarang are obligated to follow special selection to join the Olympiad Class.

Unfortunately, the lack of facility, instrument, and the frequency of the guidance for some subjects influences the Olympiad student achievement. Moreover, the schedule of the quarantine is not constant. It is assumed that the Olympiad class is less needed. On the other hand, actually we still need Olympiad class for several reasons. The reasons are as follow,

First of all, the society tends to judge the school quality based on the championships which have been got. The total achievements of a school indicate that the school has a good teaching quality.

Secondly, the students in Olympiad class can discover their appropriate self-potention according to their own talents. The school gives the opportunity to the students to choose the special subjects to be mastered. In that way the students are free to express and explore their own abilities.

Third, the teachers can give guidances to the students easily because the students are organized in one class.

Fourth, the tight competition in Olympiad class forces the students to study harder, therefore it rises the achievement. Besides the success in achievement motivates the students to win the competition because they believe they will.

Finally, the Olympiad class gives the contribution to increase the average scores.  The success of teaching process in one year teaching can generally be known by the average scores. The high scores in Olympiad class will increase the average scores in one year teaching. Also it motivates the students of regular classes to increase their academic achievement.

Based on the above reasons, the role of Olympiad class in rising the school quality is still needed. The school stakeholder should organize the class systematically. Intensive guidance by the best quality of lecturer, the textbooks and audiovisual aid, also special room with condusive situation should be available. Last but not least, the students need the morale support from the teachers, instructors, and the school stakeholder.

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