Apiculture, also called beekeeping, is the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production for honey. Royal jelly and bee pollen are the other products of it. There are many species of bee. Some of them are Apis cerana, Apis dorsata, Apis florea, and Apis mellifera. Among those species, Apis mellifera is the most productive and the easiest to be cultivated.

A bee colony consist of a queen, a lot of worker bees and some drones, stingless male bees in  a colony of social bees (especially honeybees) whose sole function is to mate with the queen. Each group has its specific duty. The queen, for example, only lays eggs, the drones have duty to copulate the queen, and the workers have to take care of the queen, drones, and larvae. They are also responsible for seeking flowers and nectar.

To obtain good production, the farmers have to be able to provide the most productive flowers near the cultivation or they have to travel through forest, bushes, and plantations to find them. The best flowers can produce ample material for bee products. Many people like to consume honey because it is believed to give benefit for health. Medical research had found out that the bee stomach produces some liquid that it is very beneficial for human health.


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