The Fisherman and The Giant

Long ago, there lived a fisherman in a hut by the sea. He had a wife and three children. He made living catching fish and selling them.

One day, he cast his net into the sea and pulled out a brass jar instead of fish. He uncorked the jar to find out what was inside. At once smoke came out and rose to the sky. After a while, the smoke took the shape of a giant.

The fisherman trembled at the sight. He grew even more terrified when the giant thundered, “I am going to kill you!”

“Why?” cried the fisherman. “What have I done? In fact, I have saved you. I have set you free from the jar. “

“I am going to kill you! “ Giant shoot back. Again the fisherman asked, “What wrong have I done? Why do you want to kill me?”

“Well,” answered the giant, “about five hundred years ago I rebelled against my king, and to punish me, he put me in the jar and threw me into the sea. Two hundred years passed, and I said, ‘If any man sets me free I will make him rich forever.’ But no one came.”

“Another two hundred years passed, and I said, ‘If any man sets me free I will grant him three wishes.’ But no one came. Then I grew angry and said, ‘If any man sets me free I will kill him’. So I must kill you.”

But the fisherman said, “Before I die let me ask you one question. How did you get into the jar? It can barely contain one of your toes! How could it contain your whole body?”

“Don’t you believe that I was in it?” cried the giant.

“I cannot believe until I see you in it,” answered the fisherman.

The giant grew angry. “You fool,” said he, “see how I can get into the jar,” and he turned once more into smoke, and grew smaller and smaller till he entered the jar.

At once the fisherman put the cork back on the jar and said, “Stay there forever. I am going to throw you back into the sea.”

“No, no!” cried the giant. “Open the jar, and I will give you great gifts.”

But the fisherman only replied, “I cannot trust you.” And he threw the jar into the sea.

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