Grammatical Fetures of Rapunzel



  1. Rapunzel
  2. Mother Gothel
  3. The Prince
  4. Rapunzel’s parents

  1. There lived a young couple, a man and his wife.
  2. She banished Rapunzel to the desert.
  3. She threw the prince from the tower into a thorny bush.
  4. He spied and ,by watching Mother Gothel, learned the words he had to say to have Rapunzel drop her hair.

  1. When she reached puberty, she was locked in a tower so that she would never leave Mother Gothel.
  2. It could only be entered by climbing on Rapunzel’s long hair.
  3. To cheer herself up, she loved to sing.

  1. She asked the prince to bring her a skein of silk each time he visited her.
  2. Mother Gothel forced the couple to give their first baby to her.

  1. She was a witch.
  2. The baby was a girl.

  1. Rapunzel grew to be a beautiful young girl with her long golden hair.
  2. He heard Rapunzel’s beautiful voice.
  3. He decided that he must meet her.
  4. She even intended to steal it herself, but later on, she sent her husband to steal it.
  5. His wife was expecting their baby.

  1. later on
  2. unfortunately
  3. then
  4. soon
  5. at first
  6. when
  7. eventually

  1. A long time ago
  2. A few months later
  3. One day

  1. lived
  2. wanted
  3. grew
  4. intended
  5. sent
  6. caught
  7. forced
  8. was born (passive voice)
  9. named
  10. was taken away (passive voice)
  11. was cared for (passive voice)
  12. reached
  13. was locked (passive voice)
  14. would
  15. stood
  16. entered
  17. loved
  18. stumbled
  19. heard
  20. decided
  21. spied
  22. learnt
  23. had
  24. visited
  25. fell
  26. made
  27. asked
  28. might
  29. banished
  30. threw
  31. found
  32. were healed (passive voice)

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